Polymer Grouts and Anchors - Liquid Epoxy

Epirez General Purpose Epoxy Grout (II)

General Purpose Epoxy Grout (II) is a high strength epoxy based grouting system offering superior performance for structural applications.


General Purpose Epoxy Grout (II) provides significant benefits to specifiers and users and is designed for grouting in tight clearances where maximum flow and highest performance are paramount.



  • Foolproof grouting in a variety of weather conditions
  • Machinery grouting
  • Structural anchoring of bolts, inserts, rebar
  • Rail anchoring and grouting



  • Easy mixing - no aggregate required
  • Excellent flow
  • Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Fast hardening
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for pours* 10mm to 50mm



Epirez General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133)

General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) is a multi-purpose epoxy binder suitable for a wide variety of applications. This multi-purpose capability allows construction sites and maintenance teams to stock one product and still solves many problems.


 General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) is a solventless epoxy mortar or concrete binder designed for applications demanding high structural integrity and a proven history of successful use. General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) offers low mixed viscosity, hydrophobic characteristics (bonds to wet surfaces) and fast hardening to produce mortars and concretes exhibiting excellent adhesion, high compressive and tensile strengths and exceptional resistance to the entry and passage of water and corrosive ions.


High strength mortars and concretes are conveniently prepared by combining General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) and Epirez® Aggregates.


General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) has been independently tested and meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4020 - 2002 for use in contact with potable water.



  • Structural bonding of new to old concrete
  • Structural repair of spalled concrete and masonry
  • Grouting of load bearing bolts and supports in concrete
  • Splash zone repairs to concrete and timber piled structures
  • Skid proofing of concrete and timber
  • Bonding steel to concrete


Bostik Techflow Epoxy Grout

Bostik Techflow Epoxy Grout is a two part component, high performance, pre filled epoxy liquid, suitable for use as a pourable or trowellable grouting material and in bonding new to old concrete. Patchfix Coarse & Fine Fillers may be added to produce a trowellable high build mortar or a pourable flowable grout.



    • Suitable for use on damp substrate.
    • Grouting heavy duty supports beneath crane and transporter rails..
    • Anchoring bolts, bars and fixings.
    • Bonding new to old concrete.
    • Filling in holes, cavities.
    • Repairing cracks in horizontal surfaces.
    • Grouting of column bases


BASF Masterflow 628

Masterflow 628 is a solvent free, multi purpose, high performance epoxy resin based grouting system designed for structural applications in adverse weather conditions. Masterflow 628 is supplied as a two part system with a high flow capability.



  • Areas requiring a moisture insensitive bond to the concrete substrate
  • Bolt, rebar structural anchoring, hold down bolts
  • Baseplates and machinery grouting
  • Crane rails and tight clearances
  • Exterior grouting and repair applications



  • High early and ultimate strength
  • High bond strength- to correctly prepared concrete and to steel
  • No on site measuring – supplied in pre-measure volumes eliminating the need for on site measuring and ensuring product success
  • Pumpable – easily pumped through suitable equipment
  • Displaces water
  • Excellent chemical resistance - to oils, mineral acids, fuels and alkali solutions
  • Resistance to - vibration and high repetitive dynamic loads
BASF Masterflow 648 CP Plus

Masterflow 648 CP Plus is a solvent-free, high flow epoxy resin based grout system. Supplied as a three component system, the final viscosity and flow characteristics can be adjusted to suit the particular project and application by varying the quantity of Part C that is used.

Masterflow 648 CP Plus is recommended for:

  • Precision alignment of machinery, compressors and prime movers in the gas transmission and other industries.
  • Foundations under crusher ball mills, slab tables and other equipment in the steel industry.
  • The pulp and paper, chemical processing, mining and power industries for a wide variety of applications.
  • Application requiring fast turnaround with high early and seven day compressive strengths.
Parchem Conbextra EP

Conbextra EP is a range of free flow grouts for use in situations where heavy dynamic or mobile loads are encountered. The gap between a base plate and substrate needs to be filled and the structural load be uniformly distributed, in such applications as reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, heavy crane and transporter rails, high speed turbines, centrifuges and drop forges.  

Also for use in conditions where chemical spillage may be encountered. Typical situations could be met in steelworks, refineries, electroplating works and chemical plants.

Parchem Nitomortar 903

Nitomortar 903 is a two-component, low viscosity, epoxy resin system to which Nitomortar Fillers can be added to

produce epoxy mortars having a variety of consistencies. It may also be used as supplied, or with selected filler additions to produce bolt or starter-bar grouts.